Membership Draws every  Thurdays 6.30 - 8.00pm

Welcome to Waiuku Cosmopolitan Club
4 Victoria Ave, Waiuku - Phone 235 9131


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The Club will require everybody to continue wearing a face mask. When you come to the Club you will be required to have a mask upon entry and to wear it when you are moving around the club. You will not need to wear it when you are sitting eating or drinking. But when you go to the bar to purchase a drink or go to the desk to order a meal in the restaurant you will need to wear your mask. If you have an exemption from wearing a face covering this must be presented upon request.

All staff will continue to wear their masks while serving customers as required unless they have a displayed exemption.






Seniors 65+ afternoon every Tuesday

Seniors 65+ afternoon - Scones and cup of tea/coffee for $5 enjoy entertainment, dancing, grab a meat raffle ticket $2, enter the $2 door draw and be in to win membership which jackpots @ $50 per week.