Newsletter: Nov #2

Today we have senior citizens afternoon, even though we have a power cut today the afternoon is still going ahead but this will be held in the dining room as we are starting the upgrade of the dance floor today.

Special lunch tomorrow along with afternoon housie, and believe it or not quiz night in the evening.

There will be no rock and roll classes due to dancefloor renovations.

Thursday our membership draw will be $500 and I am not sure what sort of state the dancefloor will be in on this day. Because of this there will be no entertainment. We will carry on with the draw, raffles and $1 door raffle as normal and the restaurant will be open as normal throughout the week. The only inconvenience on this night will be dancefloor not being able to be used. 

This weekend the Axemans are having their carnival Saturday and Sunday starting at 10am. This is an eventful weekend and all are welcome to come along support the local Axemen and enjoy the day. Here’s hoping for good weather for you all.

Coming Up:
Childrens xmas party Saturday 1st December, registrations have closed.
Senior Citizens and Widows and Widowers xmas party Sunday 2nd December
Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison show Saturday 8th December, tickets selling fast.
New Years Eve, 31st December ‘Kevin Greaves and Suzanne Prentice’ taking us through to the New Year.

Thank you for your continued support here at the Club.

Club van is available Thursday through to Saturday from 4pm onwards if you need a ride to and from the Club. Ring Colin 0211684171



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That's all for now folks!

Have a good week.